Hi everybody, Milan Fashion Week for spring/summer 2018, Milan women wear, is finished yesterday and is now joining Paris to end in beauty the latest show rooms of the Big Four (New York, London, Milan, Paris). From September 20th to 26th, various show rooms have been held in different areas of Milan’s metropolitan city, whose main theme was without any doubt the street style, whose outfits have been immortalized especially by two important photographers in the fashion scene Stefano Coletti […]


Hi guys, unfortunately summer is leaving us, so it’s good to start thinking about renovating your wardrobe in sight of Autumn. Okay, do not you know exactly where to start? no problem, I’ll give you a hand with your outfit!   WHERE TO BUY CLOTHES? First of all, before thinking about what to buy, you need to know where to buy, and at this regard the online e-commerce sites I advise on both quality and affordable prices are exactly two, […]

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Hi friends, how are you? Today I want just present you 10 outfits for business men. In my opinion these are the best combinations and I’d like to share them with you. Remember that the best way to appear yourself to others is to dress what better represent you, enjoy the outfits below !!!   What do you think?! Let me know by commenting below, Thank you!!


Hi everybody, are you enjoing your summer vacations?! In both cases I have the solution to your problems, and it’s called ASOS.COM! I wanted to write a review on this online shopping site before, but lately I haven’t had much time, that’s why I’ll talk to you about it right now, keep reading and you will not regret it !! ASOS.COM is an online English shopping site where you can find all the clothes or accessories that you longed for […]

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Summer has already arrived since much time, and enjoying the sun beneath the umbrella and a beer in hand you can’t help but notice the amount of stylistic horrors that people make, even wearing the simplest things. It’s really amazing to see how simple clothing like that estival can be ruined in this way. Believe me when I tell you sometimes I would prefer a fist in one eye than see these things. But now I arrive at the point […]


Hello guys, Today I want to talk you about this wonderful site ZALANDO, maybe not everyone know it and that’s why I want to talk you about it, it’s an online shopping site where you can buy everything and surely where you’ll find the right one for you. In this fantastic site you will find cheap branded products with free delivery and returns, of course, the highest quality products have a relatively higher price but certainly lower than competition. This is […]

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